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"You know how fired up I am about mastering the harp! Introducing the harp sound to my band mates will be interesting. They depend on me as their rhythm guitarist, so we'll see. Maybe I can find a blues jam to play harp softly on the side while I learn?"

​"The teacher was well prepared and very responsive to student input and questions. He had beginners and experienced players so he
had to do extra to meet the needs of all the students."

"Dave was a great teacher, and respectfully gave us plenty."

Harmonica lessons with the Professor

Old Time Harmonica class at the John C. Campbell Folk School, September 2022.

I provide harmonica lessons in person and via Zoom on an individual or group basis. Contact me for details. 

​I will provide assessment of your playing, and materials to look at and study along with encouragement. Lessons are short, by design, and only take 45 minutes. I can provide examples of short exercises to work on, and listen to your progress and suggest improvements during our live meetings.  Current rates are $65 for a 45 minute lesson with correspondence. You WILL get better. I can help you... 

  • Learn the basics, from zero to playing songs in any style; blues, old-time, jazz, rock, country
  • Navigate all the online information on playing tips 
  • Understand all the various types of harmonicas and what to get, and where to get them
  • Tailor a study program that fits YOUR lifestyle and interests
  • Dive deeper if you already play, explore new styles and develop killer licks.

What students say:

"I really want to thank you for being such a good teacher.  Your instructions made me want to learn to play this thing and play it good!  I know that I was the least player in our group but probably the most tenacious and with the basics you taught me, my goal is to be playing the blues within 6 months. AND I had a really fun time in your class even though you wore me out almost every day."

Technical preparation for Zoom calls:

You should have a standard setup on your laptop, desktop, or phone so you can log into Zoom at a pre-arranged time. I need to be able to see your face pretty clearly and up close if possible.